lollipopatrice said: Augh man he still looks like living death. How often is he eating? Daily yes? Also be careful with that moisture, that looks over-wet, would suck for him to get water blisters. Glad he’s still with the living!

I know, he still looks so scrawny :(. I’m catching up on photos so this is from the first. Yes, he has been eating well! I’m a bit concerned because he’s had a large lump since before I’ve had him and I’m afraid that’s going to be an issue.

Oh, yes, the moisture spiked here but the moss is generally just damp and other than being scrawny and underweight he seems fine (active, good appetite) and doesn’t have any wounds or sores.

thespiritualboho asked:

Where can I get one of these beautiful shimmer babies like yours!? Glory be your blog, love :)

Hello, thank you so much!

I got both of my Rainbow Boas from Dave Colling at Rainbows-R-Us Reptiles! (x, x, x) Dave his a great guy and his snakes are truly wonderful!

RIght now he has normals, pearls, hypos and abberant BRBs from this year as well as aberrancts and reduced price Anery BRBs from last year! He said next year is going to be a huge year for him, too! I’m hoping to get another one or two from him, then! He’s definitely worth checking out! ♥

tridentsong asked:

Hey I was wondering what kind of set up you have your adorable speckle worms in? :)

Hey there, I have used this tub! I love Ziploc’s Watertight line!

I then installed another piece of plastic along the middle to give them separate areas. They are siblings and will be quarantined separately from my others, but not from each other (but still living solo.)

They are housed on paper towels, have warm/cool plastic hides, a plastic plant (they are tinier than expected to the plant actually serves as a jungle gym for them.) They also have a water dish and a moist hide each. They share a heat pad and thermostat and I have a hygrometer in the tub as well. It’s a very basic set up but I usually keep this way for the first few months I have them. ^__^